Convicted Robber Asks Judge For Maximum Sentence

Some people may have trouble staying out of jail. But that isn’t the case for Roy Murphy.

The 43-year-old man from Missouri asked a judge to sentence him to seven years because he prefers life behind bars.

Hidden Agenda

roy murphyRoy Murphy was accused of trying to rob a convenience store. He then asked the judge to sentence him to seven years – the maximum sentence.

“I’ve been out for a year. I’ve got nothing and I don’t know how to make it on the outside,” he said.

Murphy admitted that he entered a convenience store last November to demand money from the cash register. His main purpose, however, was to get thrown back into jail.

Got Turned Down

Judge Patrick turned Murphy down and handed him the lighter sentence of four years. According to Murphy, he went into the convenience store to rob the clerk, but the store clerk wouldn’t open the drawer.

“Could you open the register, please.” Murphy said. The 47-year-old robber had a camouflage ski mask, but was not wearing it. Before fleeing the crime scene, he told his victim to call the police.

Had Murphy used physical force rather than being polite, he might have gotten the maximum sentence he wanted.

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