Condo Living: How to Deal with Neighbor Disputes

condoUnless you live in a house surrounded by hundreds of acres of land, you’ll probably have to deal with neighbors at some point in your life. The people living next door can make your everyday life either more enjoyable or miserable. Unfortunately, for many, it’s the latter.

Loud music, encroaching tree branches, littered gardens, boundary problems – there are many different kinds of neighbor disputes you may have to deal with. Whether you live in the more suburban communities found in Paranaque or Muntinlupa, or in a condo for rent in Legaspi Village, Salcedo Village, or Rockwell in Makati, here’s what you need to do to deal with disputes and come up with a resolution peacefully:


When problems arise, always make the first move. Talk the issue over with your neighbor, keeping your tone as friendly as possible. If you’re unable to reach them due to their schedule, write them a letter instead. Remember that your neighbor may not be aware that their actions—or the actions of their family members—are causing you distress, so inform them immediately.

Put the Agreement in Writing

If your neighbor takes the issue positively and both of you decide to come up with an agreement, put the things you agree upon into writing, suggests an owner of a condominium for rent in an upscale neighborhood. A written agreement ensures that each of you understands what is expected of the other. Make sure both of you have a copy of the document. Get it notarized if you feel it is appropriate.

Get a Third Party Involved

Keep a diary noting the time, date, and description of the problem if talking to your neighbor doesn’t solve the issue. You can use this information should the dispute escalate. Afterward, contact your landlord or go to your local barangay hall and give a detailed description of the problem. Local barangay officials will invite both parties to discuss the matter and come up with a peaceful resolution.

Some neighbors can be difficult to deal with, but as long as you keep your cool and communicate effectively, you can solve whatever disputes you may have to deal with.

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