Concrete Admixtures 101: Retarders, Water-Reducers & Air-Entrainments

construction worker waterproofingModern technology has swept across nearly every industry you can ever mention. And, that has come with a fair share of benefits, more so, to reduce costs, time and human labour to complete projects. The construction industry is not an exception here, either.

You must have used some of these advanced methods to facilitate processes at your construction site. And, still, there is more towards which current trends are pointing, which makes the future to be worth anticipating, regarding the speed and accuracy at which you will be accomplishing your projects.

These advanced techniques have helped construction contractors come up with buildings with an optimally high structural integrity, which in turn has facilitated the development of safer structures than it was the case a few years ago.

One of these advanced technologies in the construction industry is concrete retarders, which the following will highlight the various types, concisely.

Water-Reducing Admixtures

These admixtures will help you achieve your desired concrete quality at a low water-cement ratio. That means that you can place the concrete even under conditions that require you use high-strength concrete.

Set-Retarding Admixtures

You use these to delay chemical reactions during the concrete’s setting process. They attract everyday use of concrete paving applications, which require a slightly extended setting time to prevent cold joints.

Air-Entrainment Admixtures

These help in enhancing freeze-thaw resilience properties of concrete. Air-entraining your concrete will also increase its workability, durability and resistance to wetting-drying cycles.

Concrete retarders and other admixtures play a central role in improving the manageability and retarding of concrete setting times, and other quality properties that you can alter to achieve the highest possible degree of structural integrity.

With proper use, these admixtures can reduce concrete pouring times too, which, as a result, will increase your general productivity and reduce the duration that you can complete your project.

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