CompTIA Rebrands IT Image to Lure More Millennials

A Phone Opened on Instagram

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) uses Instagram as a way to recruit more millennials who commonly have misconceptions about the IT industry.

CompTIA’s senior social media manager, Kelly Stone, oversees that responsibility of changing the industry’s image to young people. According to Stone, most millennials think that IT jobs involve sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, but they don’t realize that there is more to IT than meets the eye.

Social Feeds

CompTIA, which launched the relatively new Network+ certification in 2015, saw the advantage of Instagram as a way to promote the diversity of job prospects in the IT field. Stone believes that other industries can use the social media platform to improve brand awareness among millennials, based on some strategies. This move may also benefit organizations that offer certification exams, including CertBlaster.

Some of the strategies for enhancing your corporate image via Instagram include ambassadors from the company. For CompTIA, it requested employees to submit posts about their reason for loving their jobs at the organization, in exchange for prizes awarded to the best entries.

Relatable Networks

Stone also said posts about people who passed a certification exam have drawn a lot of response from Instagram users, including those who already have it and can understand the graduates’ happiness. CompTIA’s certification has been considered as a benchmark for those who want to enter the IT industry.

Its Network+ certificate, for example, lets you stand out in a sea of IT professionals and become in-demand in any country. This will help you gain an edge for job opportunities, as employment in the network and computer systems is expected to increase by 12% in the next seven years.

A career in IT can be a lucrative choice for young professionals not only because of the potentially rewarding pay, but also due to an environment that encourages analytical thinking and creativity.

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