Coastline Cottages: Best Holiday Destination for Workaholics

beach holidayIf you have dedicated your life to work, frolicking in summer beaches and skiing down the wintery slopes of Suffolk sound like a distant dream. Your tight schedule does not leave you much room to arrange the perfect holiday destination for the perfect reason.

A season-less holiday is the one for you. You need something that offers year-round comforts and amenities – so that if one day, you suddenly decide to drop everything and pack your bags, you will be good to go.

With this holiday destination, you get to experience living in historic homes in the countryside and enjoy the sandy wilderness.

So go forth and book now, workaholics need a break, too.

Relax and Play – and Relax Again

The best thing about this is experiencing the tranquillity and magnificence of the countryside lifestyle. If you are into long afternoon walks and soaking in the beach, this is the best way for you to relax and take your mind off the hectic life in the city.

Bridlington Holiday Cottages suggests you let your stress slip away by taking long walks – or if you are more adventurous, go donkey-riding along the beach. If you want to lounge indoor, there are pools and water slides available. There are also safe and scenic bike-ride routes if you want to cycle your stress away.

Another good thing about this holiday experience is you can sit by the docks to watch the fisherman bring in the day’s catch. Or spend the afternoon looking through the antique shops and drinking in the historic pubs and tearooms.

If you are into hiking along idyllic pathways, you can visit the breath-taking cliff-top gardens and feast your eyes with an overlooking view of the whole island.

To feel the beach more, you can take cruises along the coast and exciting speedboat rides across the bay. The best part is ending the long day with a massage in one of the town’s relaxing spas.

Year-Round Comfort

Coastline cottages are perfect for the perpetually busy, if only because they offer all-year comforts for those last-minute holiday plans. The cottages come with full central and under floor heating and modern double-glazing. These make them ideal for those winter escapades and also perfect for those summer breaks.

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