Clean and Green: Chlorine Alternatives for Pools

While chlorine can keep your pool water clean, it may cause damage to your skin and the respiratory system. Chlorine is considered as pesticide and has been associated with lung damage, asthma, and allergies. Reduce chlorine from your pool with these water sanitation alternatives.

polymer poolsSalt Water Systems

A saltwater pool system produces its own chlorine from salt. Many saltwater pool systems have a generator, which transports an electrical current in the pool water. This converts the chloride ions in salt into chlorine to stop bacterial growth. The saltwater is self-cleaning, so no other purifiers are required.


An ozonator is a machine that connects to filtration plumbing system. It uses oxidation, a process in which water produces ozone, a disinfectant used in drinking water systems. Ozonator systems use electricity and ultraviolet light to create ozone and kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. Such machines can decrease your chlorine usage of up to 90 percent.

Ionic Pool Cleaner

An ionic pool cleaner emits copper and silver to prevent algae growth. Ionization happens when the water molecules are converted into ions through the infusions of metals. This helps eliminate the bacteria and stop the algae from growing.

Sonic Wave Cleaning

A sonic wave cleaning system uses sound waves to target and kill pool bacteria and contaminants. When the device is placed underwater, it emits certain sounds, which causes the algae cells to break up. By using this green cleaning machine, you can reduce your expenses on chlorine and other chemicals by up to 70 percent.

Purifying Plants

Some varieties of plants create a filter that can keep your pool water clean. Plants can provide the pool water with oxygen to support good bacteria that fight harmful water organisms and deprive algae of nutrients. Add landscapes close to your fiberglass or polymer pool to purify your water naturally.

Eliminate chlorine from your pool with these sanitation techniques. You can also contact a reliable swimming pool company to help you with cleaning/maintenance or other pool remodeling endeavors.

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