Choosing the Most Effective Cable Reeling Solution

When it comes to cable and wire management, it pays to choose the right method to ensure safe and effective installation process. It can also help minimize the cost and time required for the installation.

Cable management systems

Reeling heavy-duty cables usually requires standard electrician supplies such as hydraulic jack stands or reel wagons that you need to tow behind your truck. Apart from being costly, these devices are often dangerous to use. Hydraulic jacks can suddenly kick out and hit someone so hard, causing lost time. They also require three or more persons to pull.

Cable reel stand

As an alternative, many electricians and industrial workers use a cable reel stand for their wire management needs. A cable reel is a spool used to carry different types of electrical wires. With a reel stand, however, you need to move and point it in the direction of the cable pull.

Turntable style system

One recent innovation in cable and wire management is the turntable style device. This device works by turning any cable reel into a turntable-like instrument that makes reeling heavy- duty wires and cables easy and convenient. With this type of device, electricians can simply lay the cable in every direction without the need to move or tug the reel. Since it reduces any movement, operators can avoid frustrations or even back injuries. This system also eliminates extra labor and reduces expenses on reel stands.

Proper cable and wire management methods are important to efficient installation. It also helps in ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the process. By choosing the right method, you are not just making the task easier for your workers, you are also minimizing potential risks on the job.

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