Chinese Astronauts Return To Earth

A capsule carrying three Chinese astronauts has already returned to Earth and landed safely after their 15-day mission in space.

Astronauts’ Space Mission

chines astronautsThe Chinese astronauts travelled on the Shenzhou-10 craft to China’s space lab, the Tiangong- 1. They completed manual docking exercises and one of the astronauts, known as Wang Yaping, gave a video lecture to students back on Earth.

The Shenzou- 10 is China’s fifth space mission and came 10 years after they first sent an astronaut into space. State TV showed the capsule landing on grassland in the Inner Mongolia region by 08:07 local time.

Reports said the mission control centre happily applauded after the astronauts were reportedly safe and fine.

Permanent Manned Space Station in Space

The mission commander, NieHaisheng, was the first to exit the capsule at around 09:31, followed by fellow astronauts Yaping and Zhang Xiaoguang.

Chinese media said the astronauts needed enough time to let their bodies adapt to Earth’s gravity before emerging from the space capsule.

China plans to eventually have a permanent manned space station above the Earth.

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