Car Buying: Understanding Car Loans and Their Benefits

Salesman handing over car keysOnce you decide which vehicle you want to buy, the next step is to figure out whether it is affordable, what kind of loan you would need, and how to finance it. Several factors play an important role in choosing the best loan rate. These include the trade-in value of an old car, outstanding payments, manufacturer rebates, and down payment amount.

All of these have a bearing on the eligible loan amount, loan term, and interest rates. Other factors affecting the loan interest rate include:


According to experts, not more than 20% of your paycheck after taxes should be allocated to a car loan. Factors that will have an impact on affordability are the down payment that a buyer can make, the interest rate offered, and the length or term of the loan.

Lease or purchase

Many people choose the leasing option, as the terms look attractive. This may not always be the best decision. Buying a car outright is better, as consumers can get the best auto loan rates.

Financing options

Car dealers usually offer various financing options and even zero interest loans. This seems to be a good option, but getting a bank loan helps with rebates. stresses that doing your homework before buying is always a good idea.


Newer cars offer better gas mileage and it makes good financial sense to upgrade. Do the math and get an idea of how much money you can save. Newer cars will, of course, cost more and calculating out of pocket costs will help you make the right decision.

People need a vehicle to get on with daily life and making informed decisions will help simplify the buying process. There are lots of tools available online, which will take the guesswork out of getting the best auto loan rates.

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