Bynum Goes Shopping, 3 Teams On The Chase To Sign Him

bynumAfter becoming a free agent, Andrew Bynum is currently on a shopping spree for his new team. Bynum is in the middle of talks with three teams to play a huge role in their respective rebuilding process. The Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, and Cleveland Cavaliers are trying their luck to bag the All-Star center. Among the three, a deal with the Cavs is more probable because of the familiar face of Coach Mike Brown, for whom he played for one season with the Los Angeles Lakers, two seasons ago.

Disappointing Season as a Sixer

It has been a frustrating season, more for the Philadelphia 76ers than for the 7-foot center, after their gamble of trading all-star forward Andre Iguodala away to get Bynum. The center had arthroscopic surgery on both knees and didn’t play a single minute in a Sixers jersey. The team decided not to sign Bynum and go for solid rookie Nerlens Noel to man the middle for the coming seasons, at the expense of marquee player Jrue Holiday.

Young Talent with Finals Experience

Despite an unfortunate season for Bynum, the center hasn’t lost his appeal. Many teams still consider him as a promising talent at the age of 25 with two NBA rings with the Lakers. Bynum also suited for the West in the 2011-2012 All-Star game and a one-time All-NBA Second Team member for his last active season.

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