Build Your Business Up: 5 Ways to Sharpen Business Image

Business manFirst impressions often define how customers see a particular business. The appearance of a store highly matters because visual appeal has a significant impact on buying decision. An out-of-date image is likely to hurt your company, as people will surely think the same thing about your products or services.

Simple changes to your business image can result in significant improvement to your profitability. Here are a few things to think about when improving business image:

Image Evaluation

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current business image. Check your premises, packaging, store signage, and customer relations. Ask your employees and customers what they think of your business’s image. This will help you figure out the things you need to work on.

Image Makeover

Figure out what you want to achieve from an image or business makeover. Is it for attracting certain customers? Is it so you can raise prices? Or is it because you want to set yourself apart from competitors? Your business makeover goals will determine the things you need to accomplish. If your goal is to attract new customers, for instance, you need to remodel your store, consider LED illuminated signage, and offer product samples.

Focus on Premises

Repaint your store or business to give visitors a much better impression. Consider new signage and optimise your merchandise to attract buyers. Refreshing the look of your business will engage passers-by to walk in and see what your store really has to offer. This will also make your employees more cheerful and productive.

Visual Marketing

Other than remodelling your premises, you also need to focus on your displays.The goal is to engage customers and stimulate sales. You need to see through your customers’ eyes so that they would have impact. When you focus on creating a better visual image, you are likely to see big changes in your sales.

Customer Interaction

One important part of a business image is the way you and your staff interact with customers. Assess how things like customer enquiries or complaints are handled. It is also the time to look for negative feedback about your company or store. You may want to work on these issues to change your image.

Your business needs a minor facelift every now and then. Do not wait for more than five years to perform certain remodelling projects. It will surely amaze you what simple touches like a fresh coat of paint or new signage can do.

About the Author

James Maxwell, a Media Buyer at a media buying agency in New York. He was a former media ethics professor at a university in Los Angeles.