Bring Your “A” Game: The SEO Guidelines for Hotel Websites

Man writing the SEO information on a notebookIf you’re searching for means to enhance the visibility of your hotel in search engines, then SEO might be just what you’re looking for. It will even help you accomplish your aim of luring more guests in Google search.

As you know, there are areas in the hospitality industry that is quite saturated. Whenever a potential guest type “hotels in (your area),” they will probably receive hundreds of results. This is the reason why you should treat SEO as your ally. SEO is probably one of the few strategies you can employ to give you a shot in dominating the first SERP and drawing the most possible bookings.

To give you more insights about SEO and to help you draft your hotel SEO strategy, here are some tactics to avoid.

Be cautious of SEO agencies or companies that assure immediate results because they are probably just scamming you. The thing with SEO is it will take substantial preparation, dedication and time for it to work on your side. It will not be a walk in the park, but it will be worth it in the long run. Ensure that you operate with SEO partners that already have a recognized reputation, provide you realistic plans and timelines, and have several positive client feedback.

Don’t ever consider using keyword stuffing. This is writing paragraphs or sentences that don’t make sense but simply stuffing phrases and words that you aim to rank for. As much as you think this will help, it won’t. Google nowadays is smart enough to determine whether you’re helping your readers or just confusing them.

Like mentioned before, don’t rush SEO. This strategy isn’t immediate and will take some time for you to be able to see its results. Before deciding to make any activity or change to get the anticipated result, consider waiting a few weeks.

SEO for your hotel’s website can be a valuable asset, just as long as you follow the guidelines. With the tips listed here, you are on your way to upping your SEO “A” game.

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