Bright and Bold: Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

It’s that time of the year to wear shorts, minis and cropped tops. Bring them out of your closet to keep yourself cool in the hot weather this summer season. Compare them with this year’s trends for a chic and fashionable look. You can be comfortable while looking great as you enjoy your sunny days.

Summer often goes with the casual look, as women look for something simple yet stylish to wear. Many clothes, jewellery, and other fashion items these days make dressing up and maintaining a casual look easy.In fact, the casual wear this year calls for the following pieces of women’s clothing, which you need to stock in your closet:

Coloured Jeans

This is the year for jewel and neon tones. Loud colours are more fashionable this season, with emerald green, cobalt blue and canary yellow reigning as the hues of summer. Pastel shades from spring wear are still appropriate, though.

Experiment with different colour combinations. Try partnering black tops with bright yellow pants or skirts. Blouses in light blue shades also go well with rusty red or brown tights. It’s up to you which combination you’d like to try, but see whether they blend well. Check out sites featuring online clothing for women to see some options you can go for.

Bold Patterns and Stripes

Stand out from the crowd with big, bold patterns or coloured stripes. See if wearing jungle stripes and leopard prints fit you. You can also try on big floral pants, which can look so feminine especially when you pair it with a knotted blouse. Check out all types of prints from polka dots to zigzags and diagonal lines. Wear them right, and you can call attention as soon as you enter the room.

Platform Footwear and Gladiator Boots

Platforms make a great alternative for those who don’t want to wear pointed heels with ankle straps, another fashion hit this year. Many types are available, such as wedge sneakers and platform sandals. They can make a casual look appear more elegant. Look for those with unique patterns and prints. They go together with simple tees and denims.

Although this season’s trends call for bold and unique patterns, there are some occasions when you want to wear something simple. You can still impress, if you wear something with small patterns. Scarves and accessories make a great alternative as they can rock a simple outfit. Look for more choices from different fashion magazines. You can also browse and buy women’s clothing from online stores. This allows you more time and convenience to decide which outfits will fit you. Check out their policies on returns so you can exchange sizes and other choices.

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