A Brief Guide to Hong Kong’s Maternity Insurance Industry

pregnancyHaving a baby is one of the most exciting events in any parent’s life. Despite the pains and costs, the addition of little feet in the family brings the most joy. Nevertheless, bearing a child demands careful preparation to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Hong Kong is known for having some of the best of medical facilities, both in private and public health sectors. Unfortunately, medical services can reach astronomical rates and serve as a challenge to both locals and expatriates interested. Non-holder of HK ID cards initially pays $39,000. Obstetric packages usually begin at $17,000 and reaches $100,000.

Preparing for childbirth is already stressful, minus the financial worries. The best way to make sure that both mother and child are prepared during and after pregnancy is to have comprehensive health insurance plans, according to health insurance provider Pacific Prime Hong Kong.

Maternity Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

Maternity insurances protect mothers against the skyrocketing costs of medical expenses. Regular insurance packages usually cover the following:

• Pre-natal pregnancy treatment costs
• Post-natal pregnancy treatment costs
• Routine vaginal delivery costs
• Caesarean delivery costs
• Costs of complications during delivery
• Costs of home delivery

These benefits are usually covered by maternity insurance packages offered in Hong Kong. When discussing packages with advisors, mothers-to-be should hear the phrase “Everything is covered,” for assurance and provided with reliable documentation.

Selecting an Insurance Plan

Couples planning to have kids should make sure that the maternity coverage is activated before conception. The biggest consideration with maternity insurances is the waiting period on all policies.

A waiting period is the duration a policy holder cannot claim the benefits of their insurance of policies yet. Treatment can only be claimed upon the period’s expiration. Claims made prior to the period expiration are not eligible.

A general misconception is that waiting periods are best purchased after conceiving the child. Couples who fall victim to this insurance myth cannot receive policy protection due to the waiting period. To maximise insurance plans better, couples should purchase policies prior to conception.

Constantly forgetting maternity insurance may result into an even stressful pregnancy experience. For better protection, parents-to-be should always plan ahead. Researching on maternity insurance policies available before conception gives couples a better idea for the future.

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