Brazil’s Top Court Gives Nod To Appeals In Corruption Case

joseThe appeals of a dozen former political and business leaders who were found guilty in Brazil’s biggest corruption trial have been accepted by the country’s Supreme Court on Wednesday. The move paves the way for new trials, but deals a blow to those who had hailed the previous convictions as a pivotal point against impunity.

Court’s Change of Heart

The case involves 25 top aides of the former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, who together had created a scheme to pay off legislators to gain support for the ruling Workers Party initiatives in the Congress.

Just last year, the 25 defendants had been pronounced guilty in the case which was seen as a positive sign in a country that has been roiled by corruption since years. However, on Wednesday, a 11-member court brought out a technical glitch in the case and decided that the guilty had a right to a new trial for the criminal counts.

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