Brazilian City Threatens To Pull Out Of Hosting World Cup Matches

footballThe mayor of the Brazilian city Porto Alegre has given a warning that the city could drop out of the World Cup unless financing issues are solved. Estádio Beira-Rio is scheduled to host five games.

 Key Legislation

Jose Fortunati has told the media that they are waiting for a key legislation to be approved during the week. The bill is about allowing tax breaks for firms investing in temporary structures for the said tournament. The Rio Grande do Sul state legislative assembly is supposed to vote on the matter this week.

According to the mayor, “If the project is not voted on, we won’t have the World Cup in Porto Alegre. There’s no Plan B, nor C nor Z.”

 Not that Ready

The stadium is nearly ready, three months before the tournament. But it needs more temporary housing structures for the media, sponsors, and other requirements by FIFA. Plus, outside amenities are still not complete yet.

The stadium is set to host fixtures with France, Holland, and Argentina.


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