Benefits of Concrete Wall Cladding

Stylish concrete wall claddingCladding has been around a long time and will continue to be for obvious reasons; it gives your home an aesthetic appearance while protecting your dwelling. Concrete wall claddings are cladding wall surfaces using concrete as the filling material. It has recently become famous in the residential construction industry.

Concrete Cladding

You make the concrete into tiles or panels of desired shapes using moulds. You then fill the concrete into the exterior or interior of a building. Usually, the cladding has the grey colour of concrete, but you can add a colour of your choice to meet design needs. You may also paint the cladding to your liking.

Why use concrete claddings? So you are wondering why use concrete cladding and not any other type of cladding? See what concrete cladding offers:


Concrete has a compact structure to withstand harsh weather. Therefore, you do not have to keep replacing your cladding material. Moreover, unlike other cladding materials, the concrete cladding is not prone to damage by insects, rust, or even warping and in the event of a fire, the cladding will stand up pretty well.

Easy to Install

Thanks to concrete’s thermal mass, concrete cladding is easy to install and offers the right amount of insulation. You can also attach the cladding on brick or steel structures, making it suitable for existing homes, and new homes alike.


You may also achieve whatever type of finish you desire from smooth to rough. Besides, if you need to create patterns or false joints in your concrete, it is achievable during the moulding stage. No other cladding material can match the versatility that concrete offers.

Moreover, should you want to remove the cladding from your home or to change to another cladding type, you can always recycle the concrete since it is an environment-friendly material. You can also use adhesive substances under the concrete to improve the performance of your concrete wall cladding.

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