Beautifying Your Garden with These Easy-to-Grow Flower Plants

sunflowerGardening is one of the best activities to do at home. For homebodies, gardening is a great way to kill time while achieving a sense of fulfilment. It makes you feel proud that you can grow veggies, flowers and fruits.

Still, if you are just starting a hobby in gardening, you can make a quick yet beautiful garden with these easy-to-grow flowering plants. Even if you are not skilled as professional Kent garden designers, you can still make a beautiful flowerbed that could make anyone grow green with envy.


With the same striking yellow colour as that of the sun, sunflowers are easy to grow. They are daisy-like flowers with bright yellow petals and a huge brown core. Plant the seeds in a sunny area of your garden and wait for them to grow. Some species of sunflowers grow up to 16 feet tall, so you had better support them with bamboo stakes.


Pansies are classic favourites of flower gardeners due to their appearance, featuring heart-shaped and overlapping petals. They come in a variety colours such as red, yellow, violet, blue, and white.

They are excellent flower plants that withstand the cold, so expect some cheery colour when winter arrives. Nevertheless, you still have to tend to your garden during the winter so that the snow will not bury them alive.


Otherwise known as Love in a Mist, this flower plant can grow just by scattering their seeds. Of course, a bit of watering greatly helps. Nigella has jewel-like flowers that blossom from its fine and ferny leaves which one could mistake for a very delicate flower, but it is actually a tough flower plant.

No matter what you try to grow in your garden, all you have to do is to provide your plants with utmost care and attention. You can consult garden landscapers and designers for additional input.

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