Basic Measurement Guide for Interior Window Shutters

Measuring the windowThese days you can order customised indoor window shutters designed to fit a specific theme. You can even speak to certain manufacturers about fabricating a product in a particular shade that complements your furniture.

Before you settle on the colour, framing, or slat size, one of the most important preparatory tasks is to take measurements for the interior shutters. If they are not the correct size, they will prove inadequate in protecting the interior from the elements.

When measurements are accurate, your shutters will perform admirably, giving you privacy and a means to control the light that that comes in.

General Guidelines

Shutters are usually installed within the window opening, known amongst installers as an inside mount. You can use a tape measure to determine the height and width. Measure the height from the inside edge of the top jamb to the sill. Measure the width as the distance between the side window jambs.

Outside mounts are recommended only when the existing depth is inadequate. For this mounting technique, shutters, such as aluminum shutters, hang from a piece of wood attached to the wall. This in turn ought to be strong enough to hold the weight of the entire assembly.

Special Considerations

If your windows are not square like typical windows, then use smaller shutters. Mount the shutters on strips of wood attached to the window frame. Since the shutters are smaller than the window, light will seep in, but you may compensate by tacking wooden strips to block the light.

The alternative is to get larger shutters and then trim them afterwards to match the window size and shape. When the edges are trimmed correctly, you won’t even notice that the shutters you ordered were originally larger.

Now, if your window has moulding or trimming, the width measurement is modified to accommodate the trim. Hence, measure from the far left border of the trim on one side until the far right border of the trim on the other side.

Do measurements accurately, or your shutter will be an expensive piece of useless equipment. Shutters that fit snugly give you the most benefit.

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