Autumn Gardening: Flowers for the Month of September

FlowersThe transition from summer to autumn begins during September. It is around the same time when some of the more fragrant and colourful flowers begin to bloom.

This month is the ideal time to start planning what autumn flowers you want in your garden. The ones that may instantly cross your mind will probably include mint, calla lilies and sunflowers, but these are rather common.

Autumn Colours

Many gardeners who buy flower seeds online tend to pick the ones that best exemplify the autumnal season. Achillea or Yarrow is among the most popular to grow around this time. They start flowering from August all the way to October, and they are very easy to grow. Their bright colours make them good border plants, and they tend to attract pollinating insects and other animals, which is always good for your garden.

Chrysanthemums are another flower to watch out for; they are a great alternative to sunflowers. Hailing from China, they are among the most popular flowers in the world, with only the rose surpassing them. Despite their striking and regal appearance, they are actually very easy to grow and are ideal for cutting. Like the Yarrow, they are good border flowers, but can easily take the centre stage of your garden.

Other colourful flowers ideal for autumn gardening include anemone, roses and the cosmos. The brown chocolate cosmos, in particular, are a great choice if you want to establish an autumnal feel for your garden.

Plants and Grass

Colourful flowers are not the only things you can plant during the beginnings of the autumn season. Cacti may not exactly look appealing, but they make great accents if you surround them with brightly coloured flowers. The contrast between shades of red, yellow and green makes your garden look and feel more vibrant.

Cat grass is another good addition to your garden. These are useful if you want to stop your cat from nibbling your flowers, and let these plants grow particularly well during the autumn.

If you want your garden to stand out this autumn season, you might want to consider planting these fragrant flowers and verdant plants to add colour and life to your garden.

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