At a Glance: Quality Assurance in Design and Construction in NZ

Construction worker doing quality assurance and maintenanceIt’s important for you to comply with the Building Code to ensure that your construction projects are safe. The Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission (CERC) has specified that this must include implementing a quality assurance programme.

You need to be familiar with quality assurance specifications prescribed by the government so that your design team, civil engineering service team, and all stakeholders will understand and comply with the government’s set requirements.

Importance of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) of all construction work must be conducted throughout all the stages of the building process – from project conceptualization to final commissioning and eventual handover – to make sure that the infrastructure does not threaten the safety of the people who will work on the premises.

Furthermore, QA reviews will enable civil engineering professionals and stakeholders to identify and resolve any drawbacks in design and construction, resolving these issues ahead of time before they result in costly problems.

Design Features Report

Part of quality assurance is having a design features report, which the stakeholders will use as a universal reference material. This report must describe the key design elements, load paths, the foundations as well as lateral load resisting systems. More importantly, the report must come with a clear design statement – which succinctly explains the fundamental design approach – and notes or descriptions in the calculations.

Producer Statements

When submitting requirements to Building Consent Authorities for approval of complying with the government’s quality and safety standards, producer statements must also be issued. The producer statement must be specific, such that its intent, scope and limitations are defined.

A producer statement will require both the design team and the contractors to collaborate. While the design team is responsible for ensuring that the proposed building work complies with the Building Code, the contractor must execute the construction project following the contract document.

Other Project Requirements

Aside from QA systems and its reports, there might be other necessary documents that you need to secure for your project. This depends on how complex your project is or the nature of your infrastructure. Either way, you can get expert advice by consulting with civil engineering services groups in New Zealand to start paving the road to your project’s success!

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