Applying for Your Dream Job: Impress Your Interviewer

An InterviewAfter sending countless applications to agencies like Barden for one of those finance jobs in Cork, you’ve finally been scheduled for an interview. You’re closer than ever to landing your dream job. But there’s only one problem: there are a hundred other candidates who are just as good as you are. So, how do you show the interviewer you’re the one?

Prepare adequately

Days before the interview, take the time to find out what documents you’ll need to have, and make copies of them early enough. Bring a copy of your CV, your portfolio, and even a notebook. Find out as much as you can about the company as part of the interview will include what you know about the organisation.

Dress for the job

Your clothes play a role in what your interviewers think of you. Make a great impression by choosing the appropriate clothes for the job you want. They need to be clean, pressed, and tasteful. Avoid wearing too much makeup or perfume. The idea is to come off as a professional.

Keep time

Arriving for an interview late is one sure way to make you interviewer doubt your work ethic. No excuse is good enough. So, leave your house early. Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early, and prepare yourself for the possible questions you might receive.

Be honest

A major part of the interview will focus on your skills and experience. While you need to take this opportunity to convince the interviewer that you are a perfect fit for the organisation, never exaggerate or give false information. If they find out about your lies, they could disqualify you immediately.

When you have been called for an interview, you have the perfect opportunity to market yourself to the potential employer. By preparing yourself thoroughly, you create a great impression with the interviewer and enhance your odds of getting the job.

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