Alarming Numbers: How to Not Become a Home Invasion Statistic

Almost 2.2 million home burglaries occur in the US every year, with most taking place during the daytime. However, there is a way to prevent a similar fate from happening in your household. Independent studies show that the presence of an alarm system deters and prevents burglaries from happening. Here’s how an alarm system keeps you and your home safe.

Hardwired and Wireless Alarms

Basically, there are two types of burglar alarms: hardwired and wireless. Hardwired systems are the traditional choice. Wired directly through walls, with all motion detectors wired directly to the central control system, there is minimal chance of interference or false alarms. On the other hand, wireless systems have small transmitters that communicate information about windows or doors wirelessly to the alarm. Once motion is detected, its alarm will sound.

Both of these alarm systems require you to punch in a security code to arm or disarm an alarm. If the wrong code is entered, an alarm will sound notifying you of somebody trying to tamper with your alarm. If the sensors of an armed alarm detect movement in the house, an alarm will sound.

Outdoor Alarms

There are also outdoor alarms useful for monitoring your grounds. When an intruder is sensed, floodlights turn on. These outdoor alarms consider the weight of the intruder to avoid sounding a false alarm such as when a cat decides to stroll by your yard.

There are many alarm systems in Austin with different capabilities, most of which include detecting broken glass, smoke and fire, garage doors, carbon monoxide, and more. Similar to traditional smoke alarms, these systems sound off when large amounts of heat, smoke, or carbon monoxide are detected. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can’t be seen nor smelled. At high levels, it can be deadly and kill within minutes.

If you are unsure whether you should purchase a burglar alarm system, consider the peace of mind owning one provides. Take your pick between the various manufacturers of alarm systems, including ADT in Austin.

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