Adding an International Flavor to Your Local Beer

Beer BottlesLocal breweries have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and along with the popularity of craft beers is an interest in the very diversity of beer flavors. Offering your customers a different taste once in a while breaks the monotony and shows how versatile your brewery can be.

It’s also a lot easier to source different hops, as importers have seen how profitable it can be. Try a few different hops and maybe you and your customers will like it.

Popular Hops Around the World

In Australia, Galaxy hops are definitely the most popular. It is both a bittering and flavoring hop, and it has a fruity character with no traces of spice or pine. Germany has the popular Hallertauer hops and although we do have a variety here at home, there are some changes to the flavor profile of those coming from Germany.

Hallertauer hops produce more earthy tones with a hint of spice and are widely regarded as one of the most aromatic hops. Now, English hops are a mix of everything — fruity, earthy, spicy, and floral. Challenger is a popular English hop and you should give it a try for its beautiful blends of flavor.

The More, The Merrier

Brewing different varieties of beer help sharpen skills and provide customers with new experiences. The different hop varieties and flavors can only serve to widen your knowledge, and this gives you a stronger foundation in crafting.

Of course, focusing on your house brew is important, but a little variety here and there can add a bit of needed spice. Introducing a few foreign flavored brews on special occasions can enliven things and bring out a sense of adventure in your brewery. Taking your brewery beer-hop-hopping around the world can be a fun — and profitable experience — for your brewery.

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