Adam Silver Says Placing Ads On Jerseys ‘Inevitable’

Andrei Kirilenko in 2011

Image by Christopher Johnson | Wikimedia

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver all but confirmed that advertisements appearing on NBA jerseys are on the way, describing the marketing move as “inevitable.”

In Five Years

Speaking at the 2014 IMG World Congress of Sports, Silver said the NBA is probably five years away from allowing corporate sponsorships to appear on team jerseys. Corporate logos are commonplace in the British Premiere league, as well as the various basketball leagues in Europe.

Audience Backlash

Bringing in corporate sponsorships isn’t a matter of business, as the owners, the corporations, and the league agree that this should happen. The only reason no plans have materialized yet is because of worries over how audiences will receive seeing their favorite players with logos across their chests.

Silver, however, believes that American viewers have grown used to seeing ad sponsorships through international sports, and they may finally be ready to see them in the NBA.

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