A Place to Call Home: Things Expats Need When Moving to the Philippines

living in MakatiThe expat population in the Philippines continues to grow as the economy continues to become stronger. According to the Bureau of Immigrations, more than sixty-five thousand foreign nationals filed their annual reports in 2012. This is 8.53 percent higher than the reports filed in 2011. As more expats move to the country, the real estate industry shifts its focus from single detached houses to luxury apartments and condominium units for sale.

As the financial center of the Philippines, many expats choose to live in Makati. Research shows that the city has one of the highest concentrations of foreign nationals.

Here are things expats should think about when looking for Makati apartments or condominium units for sale.


Living near key places is important for expats. Apart from finding major institutions, schools, and businesses in Makati, the city is also home to many embassies. This makes it easier for foreign nationals to process papers or request for assistance. The Australian, Canadian, and German embassies are in Ayala Avenue, one of the major roads in the city. Other embassies located in Makati are Austrian, France, New Zealand, Norwegian, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland.


Major thoroughfares in Metro Manila pass through Makati. This makes it convenient for expats to visit other places in the country’s capital. EDSA, the main highway of Metro Manila, runs from north to south. The South Luzon expressway and the Skyway are just a few minutes away from Ayala Avenue.

One of the best features of Makati is its network of pedestrian underpasses. With security guards in the area, well-lighted walkways, and easy-to-understand maps, foreign residents will feel safe and have fun exploring the city.

Security and Emergency Response

Security guards patrol major areas in Makati throughout the day. Furthermore, private villages, apartment complexes, and condominiums have set up CCTV cameras to monitor guests and residents going in and out of the premises. The city also has an emergency hotline. Expats can be confident that someone will come to their aide during any type of crisis.

Makati is a promising place to live in the Philippines. To find their next home, expatriates should consult realty agents or firms that specialize in apartments for sale for expats.

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