A Culprit of Clogged Pipes You Didn’t Know About

PipesThere are different causes of clogged pipes, the most common being accumulated debris, such as food, hair, grease, oil, and other small items. What many Ogden homeowners and consumers do not know is that hard water can also be the culprit for their drainage problems.

How Hard Water Causes Blockages in the Pipes

Hard water may contain high amounts of trace minerals, specifically dissolved calcium and magnesium. Whenever hard water passes through your pipes, some of these minerals are left behind. Water softener Ogden experts explain that the minerals will start to build up over time, which, in turn, causing clogs in your pipes.

Clogged Pipes Due to Mineral Build Up – The Potential Outcome

Blocked pipes can cause numerous problems in your home. They can lead to water backing up, something that can be a source of inconvenience for your household. Backed up water may become a health hazard too, as the water may contain disease-carrying bacteria.

Clogged pipes can also lead to serious water damage. This usually happens when the restricted pipes can no longer handle the weight of the water and end up bursting. Apart from the costly repairs, the leaks from your pipes may also ruin items in your home, such as furniture and carpeting.

Even if the pipes only have small mineral build-ups in them, this can already lead to a considerable decrease in water flow. Your faucets and showers might not produce the same amount of water as they used to. Taking baths and completing household chores require more time because of the decreased water flow.

The Bottom Line

While consumption of hard water is not going to make you ill, continued use is going to cause the above-mentioned problems. Before you experience any of these issues, you should switch to using soft water. Get your water softener system to remove the heavy minerals from your supply.

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