5 Ways to Modernise Classic Roofline Styles

roofline styleIt’s pretty easy to decide how your home’s interior would look like, but this isn’t always the case when it comes to the roof. As a complex element of the home, it takes a lot of computations and equations to ensure that the gables look superb whilst remaining hardy against the elements.

As such, most homeowners resort to classic roof lines. It’s almost always another triangular structure that looks the same from every other angle. Fortunately, there are ways to tweak and modernise these classic styles. Check out these cool suggestions from the pros at BowerRoofing.com.au:

For Curved Roofs

Some modern homes feature curved, dome-like roofs. The structure remains similar to a shed roof, only it has a gentler looking shape in contrast to the shed roof’s one-angle slope. To make this style more interesting, it’s possible to break up the large dome-like spread of the roof. Adding some roof cutouts makes the structure more visually stunning, plus it redefines the overall outline of the home from the outside.

For Flat Roofs

Flat roofs may look versatile, but these could fall flat without the right design. To modernise this roofline, you can add some extending walls that go higher than the roof. Like the trick on the curved roof, this creates a new definition of the home’s outline and prevents it from looking plain.

For Gable Roofs

Gable roofs are like two shed roofs merged into one. While this style could appear monotonous, there are ways to work around this. These examples from Houzz.com serve as the case in point, where there are more dimensions in the roof than just the triangle of the gable. Chimneys and dormers are two obvious options for this.

For Hip Roofs

Hip roofs are perhaps the most common, considering it is the strongest and most solid structure-wise. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to make this a little more dramatic with layers of the same roof style in different heights. Add a dormer for an added modern touch.

For Shed Roofs

For low-budget construction, the shed style roof is the go-to option. One way to make this style more interesting is to let the rafters hang from the edges of the roof. Seeing the lines of these rafters add a focal point to the home.
It’s possible to improve a classic style and make it a little more modern. Keep these ideas in mind when you plan on re-roofing your home to give your property’s kerb appeal a boost.

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