5 Things to Consider When Choosing Cladding Materials or Systems

Cladding Materials Cladding primarily helps to protect a building from the weather elements and improve its aesthetic appeal. Still, cladding options are not created equal, and their performance characteristics vary substantially. Here are some of the performance characteristics you should consider when choosing between different cladding materials and systems.

1. Environmental impacts.

You can reduce the overall environmental impact of your home by selecting an environmental friendly cladding material and system. Choose a material that has a lifespan close to the expected lifespan of your building. For instance, a concrete cladding from vidaspace.co.nz is a better option than a lower impact, less durable product for permanent buildings. Also, consider the maintenance demands of the material and the environmental cost of producing, transporting and installing the material.

2. Texture or profile.

The distinctive profile or texture of the material you choose will have an impact on the appearance of your building. Select materials that can offer a pleasing appearance while still providing necessary protection or insulation.

3. Colour

Colour is primarily an aesthetic consideration. Still, the colour of external cladding affects its capacity to either absorb or reflect heat. Light cladding elements are suitable for most climates. Darker colours can suit colder climates.

4. Appearance

Cladding materials come in different colours, textures, styles and finishes. Consequently, the aesthetic outcome you want can only be limited by your designer’s imagination, site conditions or council restrictions. Choose a material that can offer the appearance you have in mind.

5. Availability

Timber and concrete cladding are among the most cladding systems because of the availability of the materials. These materials can also be easily transported to different parts of the country.

Cladding has many roles. How your cladding system performs these functions depends on the product or system you choose. Fortunately, there are many materials which are relatively durable, easily available, aesthetically pleasing and require minimal maintenance. Determine what you need in a cladding system and choose a material that suits your needs.



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