4 Ways to Protect Your Luggage When Traveling

Man ready for his travelTravelling to another city or country can be a nice change of pace. But not if your experience baggage theft or any problem that includes your luggage becoming compromised. This can quickly turn your holiday into a nightmare. Here are some tips on how you can protect your luggage when you’re on the go.

First of all, make sure you get good quality luggage

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent luggage problems is to get good-quality luggage. This means investing in luggage that has excellent security features such as anti-theft zippers and slash-proof body. This is why many travellers opt for luggage with hard shell bodies because they’re less likely to get slashed, unlike cloth ones. Of course, the former can be more expensive that other conventional types of bags but that’s the price you pay for extra security.

Second, don’t hesitate to buy luggage safety accessories

Some travellers like to use cable ties to secure their luggage, but anyone with a nail file or clipper can break into your bag just as easily. Compared to more advanced luggage locks, cable ties are the cheapest alternative, but they don’t do much protection. Go for good-quality options such as polyester straps and TSA locks. Straps, for instance, also make it easier for you to identify your luggage from the carousel. They come in many colours and sizes, so you will find it easy to find the right one for you.

Third, try shrink wrapping

Most airports have shrunk wrap services. These do not only “seal” your luggage but also protect it from getting scratched during transit. It’s a cheap way to protect your luggage from getting dirty. While you can always get luggage covers, shrink wraps are great if you want a disposable alternative.

Fourth, Travel with Ease of Mind

When it comes to securing your luggage, don’t be too cheap. After all, that’s the price for security, and you need to ensure that you’ll avoid more costly problems like tampered luggage.

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