4 Risks of Untreated Drinking Water

Fixing the faulty sewer pipes to prevent bacteriaEvery person on the planet deserves a clean and safe source of drinking water. It is a human right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, there are still some communities that fall victim to impure and dangerous drinking water that has never passed through commercial water treatments here in Fort Wayne.

In such cases, the individuals who ingest contaminated water suffer exposure to the following hazards.


Faulty sewer pipes and septic systems, as well as poor garbage disposal, are just a few of the common sources of bacteria in drinking water.

Although not all types of bacteria are bad, those that are, the ones called “pathogens”, can cause serious short-term (diarrhea) and long-term (compromised immune system) health effects.


Contaminated drinking water poses an array of dangers including spreading viral infections such as Hepatitis A. This microscopic enteric virus causes inflamed liver, fever, nausea, weakness, anorexia, and jaundice.

If not treated immediately, these symptoms can turn into irreparable liver damage, or worse, fatality.


The most common parasite-caused and water-related diseases include amoebiasis, giardiasis, schistosomiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and guinea worm. As fun as these names are to pronounce, you do not want to be in contact with them since they cause serious health risks including disability and possible death.

Heavy Metals

Not all heavy metals are created equal. While healthy dosage of some (iron) proves beneficial to the human anatomy, exposure to others (lead) causes a broad range of health concerns. Accidental lead ingestion, for instance, can trigger vomiting, nausea, confusion, and numbness.

These symptoms, if not treated hastily, can lead to coma.

These unwanted elements in your drinking water should undergo treatment at all times. Thankfully modern technology has allowed people to eliminate these hazards. By running your water supply through a reliable water treatment system, you are afforded good health and peace of mind.

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