4 Reasons People Move to Singapore

The Lion City SingaporeEvery year, Singapore attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Here are some reasons people come to this remarkable part of Asia:


There are many universities in Singapore that offer competitive foreign exchange student programs for those who want to study in this multi-cultural country. If you’ve always wanted to live in Singapore, James Cook University Singapore recommends enrolling in any university as an exchange student and explore the courses you can take.


It is no secret that Singapore is a hotspot for white collar workers, especially in the IT industry. The country offers different types of working permits for those who want to explore and expand their careers in the Little Red Dot. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), in December 2016, there were 192,300 foreign workers who received an Employment Pass. Putting it in perspective, in 2014, only 178,900 people were given the same.

Start-up Business Culture

In a 2016 survey, Singapore still tops the world ranking of the easiest country to do business. Singapore courts normally take 150 days to resolve a commercial dispute and it’s the fastest in the world. Putting that in perspective, in Myanmar, the same issue could take over three years.

Singapore is the third country in the world with the lowest corporate tax. The way Singapore runs the country has been likened to how a CEO runs a successful business, and it shows in the number of venture capitalists that flock the country and the number of startup businesses opening its doors.


In a 2015 survey, Singapore also finished in second place as the safest country in the world to live in. This ranking is not a small thing for families who wish to relocate in a country where opportunities are abundant and safety is a priority.

The Lion City continue to attract foreign visitors for business, leisure, and long-term residency. If you’ve always wanted to move to Singapore as an expat, consider these reasons and see for yourself why many people worldwide are relocating.

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