4 Effective Ways to Improve Soil Health

Soil and a plantThe soil is fundamental in agriculture. Having a healthy soil ensures the growth of crops the serve as food for humans and animals. The soil is responsible for supplying the crops with nutrients, oxygen, and water. Managing and protecting the soil’s health ensures the balance of the ecosystem, water flow control, food, mineral, and nutrient production.

You can manage the health of the soil using organic materials, surface tilling, pest management, and other effective practices. Here are five ways to improve soil health, as suggested by the pros at K-Line Agriculture.

1. Soil Organic Matter

Maintaining and adding organic matter to the soil enhances its quality. Organic matter consists of carbon-rich materials formed from previous crops, organisms, animal manure and others. This compound improves soil structure, prevents erosion and enhances the water and nutrient holding capacity.

2. Regular Land Tilling

Tilling prepares the soil for farming. Tillage can be done manually or mechanically. This process can loosen the soil, prepare the seedbed and control the weeds and the pests.

3. Nutrient and Pest Management

Fertilisers and pesticides improve soil health and remove unwanted pests in the farm. Chemical-based fertilisers and pesticides, however, may bring more harm than good. Chemicals affect other beneficial organisms, contribute to pollution and destroy the nutrients. The use of natural fertilisers is advisable to ensure the health of the soil and the helpful organisms living in it.

4. Ground Covering and Crop Diversity

A ground cover protects the soil from erosion, drying and crusting. It provides habitats for soil organisms, as well as improves water and nutrient flow. Moreover, adding diverse crops to the ground ensure a healthy mix of soil organisms that can control pest and enrich minerals.

A healthy soil allows for the continued growth of nutrient-rich crops that will nourish people. Protecting and cultivating the soil do not only ensure animal and human survival; they aid in the preservation of the ecosystem as well.

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