4 Easy Ways to Boost the Safety of Your Fleet

tow truck lightingOne of the biggest concerns managers of transport companies have is keeping both their fleet and personnel safe. One accident could cost your company an obscene amount of money in worker’s compensation, vehicle repair, and third-party claims.

To minimize the chance of incidents, implement these four tips.

1. Put maintenance first.

A key contributor to accidents involving trucks is poor maintenance. Simply replacing faulty a LED light bar for tow trucks, repairing brakes, ensuring that tires are in good shape, for example, can avert accidents on the road. No truck or trailer that has apparent problems should ever leave the compound.

2. Train your drivers.

All of your drivers should be qualified before they can drive your trucks. Still, implementing a coaching program for all your drivers can do a lot in improving safety, particularly when there’s a new technology they need to learn. You could also have a mentorship program for all new drivers.

3. Reward responsible behavior.

Many companies focus on the negatives when it comes to their drivers’ behavior. Adopt a different approach. Instead of focusing on punishing errant drivers, why not reward those that practice safe driving habits? It’s a great way to motivate everyone on your team to take safety seriously.

4. Implement technology.

Many innovative sensors can reduce the chances of accidents when your vehicles are out on the road. Telematics, for instance, is very helpful in monitoring driver behavior so you know what is going on when they are out on the road.

The system provides insight into route compliance, vehicle speed, fuel efficiency and all vehicle diagnostic components.

Enhancing the safety of your vehicles avoids unnecessary accidents and costs. It sure does take commitment and time, but in the end, it’s all well worth the effort.

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