3 Ways to Improve Your Hospital’s Lobby

Hospital Lobby FlooringHere’s the hard, fast truth: not everyone is comfortable at a hospital. In fact, it’s one of the most common places people don’t want to be. Many people become anxious as soon as they enter the hospital lobby. So to make the patients more at ease and conducive to healing, you have to set the tone in the hospital lobby. Here are some tips to make your hospital lobby a more cheerful, welcoming space.

Upgrade the Flooring

You may not notice it at first, but flooring is a very crucial part of your space’s design, look, feel and vibe. Some hospitals install carpets in their lobbies, but it can be a bit high maintenance in terms of cleaning. Whether you have hospital vinyl flooring or wooden flooring, what’s important to note is that you have to avoid dull colours. Hospitals floors need to be bleach-able, as it requires regular cleaning.

Minimize Clutter

Most modern hospitals go for the “open lobby” concept, as it’s one of the best styles that help minimize the clutter. It makes use of more natural light, water elements and greenery. Remember that most people who go to hospitals have a lot on their mind already, so you want to help them become at ease and comfortable by minimizing the clutter in the space where they usually stay.

Make It Bright

Nobody wants to stay in a dull and dark space. To help your patients and guests feel comfortable and able to concentrate, make the hospital lobby bright, clean and inviting. In terms of safety, you have to make spaces cheerful and bright, not just for guests and patients but also for the entire hospital staff.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re planning to make some changes in your hospital space design, especially if you have an old one. Interior décor is also important so you might want to hire the help of a professional to help make your hospital lobby an inviting and calming space.

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