3 Things to Remember When Building a Horse Barn

Building a Horse BarnHorses deserve to be taken care of. That’s why it’s important to build for them a well-designed, airy, and comfortable barn. It should also be easy to clean and pleasant to work in. This will pay off in the long run because if lower maintenance costs, fewer vet visits, and additional value to your property. Here are a few factors to think of when planning that barn for your beloved horses.

Finding the Right Site

A barn site should have an easy connection to utilities, driveway, and the road. It should also be well drained so you could maintain it well. When you find a site that you think is good, spend a day there to identify the wind direction and imagine how the barn would look there. If you want to build a horse arena along with the barn, make sure the size of the site can accommodate it.

Planning the Layout

When planning the layout of the horse barn, keep two rules close to mind. First, try to eliminate steps. Caring for horses is hard work, so your layout should at least help you make it a bit easier. Next, minimize mess. There’s nothing worse than having to spend more time cleaning up and maintaining the barn than actually taking care of your horses.

Letting the Air Flow

Air is important for the health of your horses and the ventilation of the area. Windows should be high in your walls so horses can’t reach them but light and air can come in. The higher the opening, the fresher and cooler the air will be. It’s also advisable to install a roof exhaust fan. If you need a fan, buy ceiling fans and put them over the stalls to enhance air circulation.

Keeping your horses healthy is a priority for every equestrian. Make sure to consult the experts first to have the best barn and arena for them.

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