3 Things to Look For in Accommodation in Australia

Australia AccommodationIf you are planning an Australian vacation for your family, you should never leave your accommodation unplanned. The land down under has many accommodation options you can try, but as far as your family’s comfort and enjoyment is concerned, you have to create a standard.

Here are the things you have to consider before booking your accommodation:


Everybody wants to have a room of their own and that is perfectly understandable. Solo and on-a-budget tourists may tolerate sharing the room with strangers, but it gets awkward if you are taking your whole family with you. Of course, it may not work well for your young children or for the other guests. Instead of thinking hard and compromising either your budget or your privacy, look for short-term rentals offered on sites like Exapt.com.au. You can have a whole apartment for your perusal without getting into an argument with guests complaining of your children’s bawling.


The good thing about Australian accommodations is these are subjected to laws. The local council and the government are working on toward making rentals a tourist attraction in itself and only regulate these periodically. Your assignment would be to identify your specific needs, like would you need disability support facilities or a special air cleaning system for the allergic and sickly family. Check your prospective accommodation provider online or call them to enquire about these amenities.


When you are staying for a week or a month, you would want to eliminate the hassles in travelling. Make sure your accommodation is in the heart of the city or at least located strategically to major transits. This way, you save on fares and get to your destination quickly. To throw in more value, get close to the stations where free shuttle is available. Check out Perth’s free bus rides and find a nearby accommodation.

Make the most out of your Aussie vacation. Find the perfect accommodation option for your family.

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