3 Services to Look for from Above-Ground Tank Providers

Water storage tanksThere are many above-ground storage tank providers in the market. They all claim to offer only the best products and services. Whether you are looking for a generic tank for water storage or a customized above-ground fertilizer tank, it pays that you assess your options well.

In this regard, here are three services you must prioritize.

Tank construction

When it comes to tank construction, you must look for products that adhere to the API Standard 650. This industry-recognized protocol has established minimum requirements for engineering aboveground tanks that achieve utmost efficacy and safety.

The types of tanks covered by the API 650 include vertical and cylindrical tanks, welded-storage tanks, and closed and open-topped tanks.

Tank installation

Your tank installation team should ideally be adept on regulatory requirements and guided by a comprehensive checklist prior to tank installation.

This checklist should take into account tank capacity, location, UL identification, air tightness test, interstitial space for double-walled tanks, piping and valves, vents as well as spill or overfill protection, among others.

If the team that will install your tank are the same one that built it, this should be no cause for concern.

Tank maintenance and repair

Equipment failure is costly, most especially if it would lead to your inadvertent violation of the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule. But, this can be proactively dealt with through consistent maintenance checkups.

Your storage tank provider must be able to advise you with proper maintenance scheduling, as guided by their knowledge of your tank’s product specifications.

Working with a tank provider that can offer all the three services above is your best bet. This means you get to partner with the same people, from tank construction to tank maintenance.

Compared with a partnership with multiple product and service providers, this choice will also prove convenient and cost-efficient on your part in the long run.

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