3 Myths about Mobilegeddon You Might Still Believe In

MobilegeddonBy now, the impact of Google’s most recent mobile update may have been more evident to many. Before it was launched, it has been heralded as the Mobilegeddon. Professionals in Australia say it can change the dynamics of mobile search and level the playing field, sparking negative rumours and frantic SEO plan reviews.

This is the reason many brand owners become wary of the possible impact of the new update. What some do not realise is that there are many good reasons for the update. According to BambrickMedia.com.au, SEO specialists in Brisbane say that apart from having wider market reach through the mobile platform, it is also a good opportunity to make your every page of your site mobile-ready.

You do not have to fear Mobilegeddon. By steering clear of these misconceptions about the update, you can make the most of the changes and reap the benefits of going mobile.

Myth 1: The update affects all mobile devices and tablets.

Contrary to what many believe, the mobile-friendly update only affects mobile devices. It does not change the algorithm when it comes to online searching through tablets. It does, however, have an effect on mobile device search across languages and locations, which you should note.

Myth 2: The update brings down the ranking of your whole site.

The ranking changes affect your site on a page-level only. If a few of your pages are already optimised for mobile, they may experience a boost in ranking. All the other pages that are not mobile-friendly yet cannot be crawled and indexed, which can lower each page’s rankings.

Myth 3: Your site can disappear from the search results altogether.

The mobile update brings numerous changes in mobile search, but it does not necessarily make your site disappear from the result if it is not mobile-ready yet. Other ranking signals can also affect your site’s ranking. For instance, if your site has great content, it could still rank well even if it still not optimised for mobile browsing.

Mobilegeddon does not mean it is the end for your business. Rather, it can improve your online presence and reach more audiences, specifically mobile users. Shun these myths right away and embrace the mobile change.

About the Author

Brian Moores is an Operations Manager at a digital marketing firm at Florida. Currently, he maintains a blog where he posts his analysis on trends in his field.