2 Great Reasons to Look Into the Organic Foods Business

Fruits and vegetablesRecently, organic foods have moved out of the shadow and joined the mainstream food market. Conscientious people are paying more attention to what they put on their plates, and organic foods are emerging as a top choice.

Alongside the growing popularity is an increasing availability of a reliable supply of quality foods. Improved farming practices, such as using chemical-free agricultural water treatment systems from suppliers such as Superior Water Conditioners, have led to an increase in the yielding capacity.

No longer are these foods found in the confines of the farmer’s markets — you’ll find them in all outlets, from groceries stores to the supermarket aisles.

An expanding consumer base

Although the organic food market comprises just a mere 5.5 percent of the food market, the sector is registering a constant upward swing. In 2017, the sales in the sector grew by 8.4 percent, which is higher than the 0.6 percent growth reported in the overall food category.

Fruits and vegetables are the most popular organic foods. They account for over 40 percent of the total of the organic foods sold in the US. Due to increasing popularity and demand, almost 15 percent of the fruits and vegetables consumed in the country are organic.

A multibillion-dollar sector

As of 2017, the organic foods sales topped the $43 billion-dollar mark and showed no signs of slowing down. Although these foods are on the pricier side of the scale, there’s growing demand.

The health benefits that from consuming nutritious, chemical-free foods outweighs the extra costs. Customers are happy to dish out an extra 20 percent for organic fresh vegetables or organic poultry.

A growing wealth of research shows a positive correlation between healthy organic foods and a lowered risk of major diseases such as cancer. In a society with increasing costs of health care, people are willing to pay an extra dollar for good food.

The organic market is on an upward swing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the right equipment, you can cash in on the growing demand.

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