15 Killed In Egypt Police Station Bombing

bombingA powerful bomb that ripped through a police station in an Egyptian city lying in the Nile Delta claimed the lives of 15 and wounded 100 others on Tuesday. The blast that is touted to be the deadliest yet occurred while top security officials met at the police headquarters to discuss the arrangements to be made for an upcoming constitutional referendum. Islamic militants are being held responsible for the violence that is said to be their campaign against the government.

Egypt Police Vulnerable

The blatant attack allegedly by the militants only shows how vulnerable the police in the Middle East nation is and how weak they are when it comes to keeping up security in the region. This has only fueled fears that violence would continue to increase in the area until mid January when the referendum is to be held. Post the bombing, the authorities could only point fingers at the Islamic militants as they have been doing lately, but could not provide evidence to support their claims.

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